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Expressions practice thing (excuse the camera quality).

stoned-sollux inkjinx insert-disc-three Remember that time when we went to Hard Rock Cafe, stuffed ourselves with brownies, talked about cosplay and doodled shit
I should probs post this to my NSFW blog because Eridan wth are you doing down there ?????
Also late apologies for my shitty driving skills

Why the hell am I awake at 7 AM

Dire Straits - Sultans of swing

I don’t think you guys can imagine how much I love this ship
Also thanks for 400+ followers on Instagram woo

I have the need to post this here on Tumblr too.
The only things y’all need to know is that the Amporas are gypsies, Eridan tries to sell stolen cellphones, Sollux is racist and Psiioniic cooks shit at the grill.
Yeah, he literally cooks shit.
I am drunk, bh
Special thanks to my neighbro iricciodescenza for showing me this gem


What’s In Your Head ?

Palette used

Guess which is my second OTP after EridanSollux. :D


Don’t hang your head in sorrow, and please don’t cry.

Palette from here

I love my babies being cute together ok


The Beatles - Come Together / Dire Straits - Money For Nothing

What if there would be a hippie phase on Alternia (⊙‿⊙✿)

Jack Beats - Careless

Happy birthday inkjinx you butt hope you like this shit I just finished drawing and see you in an hour in Control Club yeehaw

"Soft lips are open, the knuckles are pale, feels like you’re dying"

I can’t draw car interiors for shit man :(